Articles for Space Topical

Article 44: Bhutan Space 3D Stamps Bhutan was a trailblazer in the design of stamps with pure collector appeal that were really not intended for normal postal use. I have been lucky to acquire a collector cover with this series. The images lead to thumb nails for each of the values: 3 CH / 5 CH / 15 CH / 20 CH / 25 CH / 45 CH / 50 CH / 1.75 NU
Article 198: Russia Apollo Soyuz Issue This international space collaboration set the stage for the International Space Station.
Article 276: Poland Space Stamps These two souvenir sheets show the U.S. space vehicle from Apollo 15 on the moon, the Russian space vehicle Luna 17 and the Apollo-Soyuz mission. Quick links: the stamps / the souvenir sheets
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