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The Mexico Exporta series has a very large number of issues (approximately 100), and of varieties (in the neighborhood of 500). Here are a few of the issues in a bank correspondence to Miami. The article includes web pages dedicated to the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 pesos values. I have dedicated a section of this web site to this fascinating series.
This issue depicts a mixture of political propaganda, idealized portraits, antiquities, industrial progress, and export themes.
The Egypt 1964 definitive issue shows a good run of designs from Ancient Egypt as well as more modern cultural themes.This article includes a page with some printing shades.
A selection of these stamps on philatelic covers to the same addressee.
These definitives were in use in West Germany beginning in1975 and well into the early 1990s. I show a page with small images, each with a thumbnail to a larger image. Quick links: 0.05 Mark / 0.10 Mark / 0.20 Mark / 0.30 Mark / 0.40 Mark / 0.50 Mark / 0.60 Mark / 0.70 Mark / 0.80 Mark / 1.00 Mark / 1.10 Mark / 1.20 Mark / 1.30 Mark / 1.40 Mark / 1.50 Mark / 1.60 Mark / 1.80 Mark / 1.90 Mark / 2.00 Mark / 2.30 Mark / 2.50 Mark / 3.00 Mark / 5.00 Mark
Here I show eleven Poland 3.40 ZL Aerogrammes. All of these covers are to a single addressee. Below is a single usage of this aerogramme, including, to the left, a detail of the stamp. Quick links point to pages for each of the aerogrammes, and the images are also thumbnails to these pages: lone usage, with stamps 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
I show here the complete series depicting the Al Khafji facility.
This definitive saw extensive use during the 1980s and 1990s. I show a main page with examples from the edges of the sheet, and a page with various multiples.
Here are the low values of this series. For three of these values, I show duplicates with slight variations in color. I show here the low values, middle values, and high values.
Here I show eight covers with the Poland 5 ZL airmail stamp. All of these covers are to a single addressee. Quick links: main page, covers 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Article 92: Mexico Exporta 20 Pesos Forged Iron (Hierro Forjado)
Here is a comprehensive selection of the 50c Olive Green Cuba airmail, accompanied by a single cover of the scarcer 50c Blue, which was only intended to be used within Cuba, and two splendid covers with the 1 peso value. Quick links: main page, 50c Blue, 50c Olive Green covers: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 ; 1 peso covers: 1 / 2
There were several printings of this stamp. I show here examples from some of the printings, as well as details from one of the stamps showing a plate variety. There are three major groups: the gray black printings, the slightly doubled gray printing, and the black printing. Because of the changes brought about by inflation, this stamp was used as a low value and as a high value.
Here is a great selection of large envelopes with high value usages.
I show here three major Exporta types. Quick links: motor vehicles, abalone, and electrical wires, and pages highlighting the color varieties of the abalone, and electrical wires types.
This definitve received heavy usage in the early 1990s. This selection is from kiloware. Quick links: main page / examples with selvage / postmarks
Here is a great selection of trains commemoratives from Japan
The Mexico Exporta Definitives are a collector's dream. The stamps are beautiful, and were printed in an array of designs, papers, tagging, colors, and perforations. There is a comprehensive listing of these stamps at the etiangui site. Covers of this issue are hard to come by. I break down this issue into four major installments, and have finally gotten around to adding pages for each of the four major groups (which are broken down into a dozen or so issues by specialists more well informed than I am), and below I also have links to pages for each design. I am missing a few major varieties, but I think I have all of the base stamps by now. Quick links to the issue pages: The Air Mail Issue 1975-1982 / The Ground Issue 1975-1982 / The 100's Issue 1983-1987 / The 1000's Issue 1988-1993 Quick links to the design pages: abalone / automotive parts / cattle / chemical products / coffee / minerals / steel tubing / agricultural products / bycicles / hammered copper / cotton / cotton thread / denim / electronic components / honey / tomatoes / petroleum valves / automotive vehicles / books / electrical wiring / citrics / strawberries / construction materials / ironwork / jewelry / shoes / tequila / films
Article 214: Egypt Commemoratives This is a selection of 1960s commemoratives. Quick links: main page / Aswan Dam / Air Mail stamps / National Resources
Article 236: India Natural Resources Definitives, the 20 rupees and 50 rupees values The 20 rupees stamps shows the use of Bio Gas, and the 50 rupees stamp shows the use of wind energy. Quick links: main page / 20 rupees / 50 rupees
Article 238: Spain Ships Commemoratives These stamps trace the history of Spanish Shipbuilding. Quick links: first page / second page / third page
Article 253: Cuba Train Commemoratives This issue depicts 19th century trains used in Cuba. Quick links: the stamps / the souvenir sheet
Article 255: Indonesia Technology Issue This series highlights industrial growth in Indonesia. Article 288: Greece Seafarer Stamps This issue depicts several ship figureheads ( a decorative wood carving often depicting a sea goddess or important person )
Article 290: Cuba Ship-building Stamps Naval construccion from the 17th century to the present is highlighted in these stamps from Cuba.
Article 311: Two Souvenir Sheets from China Here are two beautiful souvenir sheets from china. Quick links: main page / country scene / ancient ships
Article 321: United States Classic Cars This self-stick sheet shows five classic American cars. The back of each stamp has a brief description of the corresponding car. Quick links: fist page / second page, including a complete scan of the sheet
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