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I continue to describe the Exporta high values from the Chase correspondence.
I show four distinct color varieties for this stamp.
Here is a range of specimens. The control on color, perforation, and paper manufacture for this issue is, to the delight of specialists, poor. Besides the main page, I include a page with two blocks of four, and a page with vertical strips.
These stamps were used after 1988, and throughout the 1990s. Each link and image thumbnail points to a larger image of the stamp. Quick Links: 1c / 2c / 5c / 7c / 10c / 16c / 18c / 20c / 21c / Standard Rate / 25c / 30c / 35c / 40c / 50c / 90c / 1 Rand / 2 Rands / 5 Rands
These are striking commemoratives. They are sure to stand out in the bunch.

I have included in this selection a few great covers, and selections from additional covers. Quick links: main page / selected stamps / slogans / a personal letter / cover 1 / cover 2 / cover 3 / cover 4 / cover 5 / cover 6 / cover 7 / cover 8

Here is a selection of four Malaysia flower covers from a single correspondence. Quick links: main page / cover 1 / cover 2 / cover 3 / cover 4
Here is a series of definitives from South Africa. Some of the values were issued with and without some colors. Quick links: low values / middle values / high values
This is a first batch of the current series of Canada definitives. Below I show images for each of the values, and these icons are link to a page for each. Quick links: main page / 50c Red Calla Lilly / 51c Bergamot Blossom / 85c Yellow Calla Lily / 89c Yellow Lady's Slipper / 105c Pink Fairy Slipper / 145c Blue Iris / 149c Himalayan Blue Poppies
Article 191: Bhutan Flower Paintings Souvenir Sheets Continuing the great tradition of stamps purely for philatelists, Bhutan issued two souvenir sheets of flower paintings. Quick links: first sheet / second sheet
Article 218: Suriname Flowers I show here stamps depicting colorful flowers from Suriname. Quick links: low and middle values / higher values
Article 222: Spain Nature Issues Spain issued several groups of nature stamps during the late 1970s. Here is a sample. Quick links: page 1 / page 2 / page 3
Article 225: Cuba Orchid Stamps This series of orchid stamps was issued in 1971. These large-format stamps are beautiful.
Article 220: Kenya High Value Flower Definitives on Cover The covers shown here were used to deliver tea samples. Quick links: 2 shillings covers ( one two three ) / 10 shillings cover
Article 229: A Selection of Kenya Covers with Flower Definitives Part 2 Here is a small selection of large format registered covers with the highest values of the series.
Article 260: Canada 2007 Flower Definitives Canada continues to add more values to this beautiful series. Quick links: coil stamps / booklet stamps / souvenir sheet
Article 266: Australia Flower Definitives This is the first installment of stamps from this new series. Quick links: main page / 50c values / high values / 10 dollar souvenir sheet
Article 289: Ireland Flower Definitives Here is a beautiful series of flower definitives from Ireland. Quick links: main page / low values / middle values / high values
Article 298: Venezuela Orchids Souvenir Sheets (Part 1) Here is a souvenir sheet from the orchids series. There are two rows with five stamps each. Quick links: main page / additional stamps / the sheet
Article 316: Jordan Iris Souvenir Sheet Here is a souvenir sheet commemorating the significance of the Iris to Jordan. Quick Links: selections from this souvenir sheet / the sheet
Article 322: Russia Flowers Souvenir Sheet Four flowers are shown on this souvenir sheet.
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