Articles April 2004 to December 2006 for Butterflies and Insects

These high value definitives are very beautiful.
Yet another definitive series from Kenya that is as beautiful as a commemorative series. The butterflies series is yet another example. I include a page with cancelled stamps and one cover.
Bhutan is one of the quintessential "only for collectors" stamp issuing countries. These 3-D (three-dimensional) stamps are beautiful, outrageous!
Here are a few beautiful stamps.
Here are some butterfly stamps for seven Malaysian provinces. I include here selected stamps from seven of the provinces. Quick Links: Johor / Kedah / Kelantan / Melaka / Negeri-Sembilan / Perak / Perlis
This commemorative issue is very appealing. It has beautiful depictions of butterflies and fish. Below is a large image of the scarcest value of the series, the 20c Special Delivery. I include here quick links to the series mint, and used-mostly CTO since this issue saw almost no genuine postal use.
I show a page with the eight values from this issue. The 3D issues of Bhutan are the quintesential stamps for collectors. These stamps are at the opposite extreme of the high volume utilitarian definitive.
Here is a great series of insect commemoratives. I show highlights of the singles, and scans of the sheetlets.
This is the second installment of images from the Ghana Green Card correspondence. Quick links: images of the two stamps, covers and selections from covers for the 400c Butterfly and the 400c Shell.
These definitives show the same designs for each value, repeated for each Malaysian state. Here is the series from Trengganu.
These definitives are characterized by clean and colorful designs. The main page contains the low values, and I also show a page with the middle and high values.
Article 134: Ireland Butterflies Here is a series of butterfly commemoratives from Ireland, including a beautiful souvenir sheet.
Article 150: New Zealand Butterflies These are beautiful definitives. I show the four stamps, and a sheetlet of the $3 value from the Phila Nippon 1991 Stamp Exhibition.
Article 175: Suriname Butterflies A great selection of tropical butterflies are depicted by Suriname in this series. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 199: South Korea Butterflies These are beautiful butterfly stamps.
Article 202: Benin Butterflies Benin issued a series of butterfly stamps in 1996. The issue includes a souvenir sheet.
Article 208: Poland Butterflies These have to be the most beautiful butterfly stamps ever made, or perhaps a close second to the Bhutan 3D butterfly stamps I showed in a previous article.
Article 216: Australia Butterflies These are some of the most beautiful butterfly stamps ever issued. Quick links: the sheet in two formats / the individual stamps in more detail
Article 254: Germany Butterfly Semipostals Germany is one of the most important issuer of semipostal stamps in the world. This iconic issue depicts butterfliies. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 269: Phillipines Modern Butterfly Definitives Part 1 The Phillipines modern definitives show a sample of the many butterflies species found in this country. Quick links: main page / middle values / high values Article 295: Jordan Butterfly Stamps Hope you enjoy these gorgeous butterfly stamps from Jordan.
Article 297: Slovakia Butterfly Stamps This souvenir sheet is only for three stamps, and includes additional butterflies as selvage. Quick links: main page / additional artwork
Article 315: Denmark Nature Commemoratives This souvenir sheet features plants and insects.
Article 324: Thailand Insects When viewed at an angle, you can see that the center design showing the insect has been printed with an additional layer of gloss. It is a beautiful effect.
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