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The 1 Yuan value of this series is one of the more commonly used values. This web site contains a section showing the most commonly used China Architecture definitives.definitives.
This issue depicts a mixture of political propaganda, idealized portraits, antiquities, industrial progress, and export themes.
I show details of printings that are representative for this issue. I also include a page of usages of the 2 Yuan with other architecture definitives, and a page with uses with commemoratives.
The Egypt 1964 definitive issue shows a good run of designs from Ancient Egypt as well as more modern cultural themes.This article includes a page with some printing shades.
These specimens are from the 1992 printing. Below each image is a link to a page with examples of postmarks on piece, and some covers. Included are pages with specimens of the 1 pound, 1.50 pounds, 2 pounds, 3 pounds, and 5 pounds.
This stamp received wide use during the 1990's. I focus on color varieties of this high value definitive.
The Jefferson Memorial is depicted on this Priority Mail U.S.A. high value. There are values dated 2002, and 2003, both shown here. The 2003 printing is a little fuzzier. I also include a page dedicated to design details, as well as a page with postmarks and cancellers.
Here are CTO (cancelled-to-order) blocks of six for the three high values of the Egypt 1964 definitives. I include links to the blocks of the 100m, 200m, and 500m. I also include a page with high resolution images of the figures.
These are great definitives. This is one of the early definitive series of independent India.
I show here several used multiples of this stamp: a horizontal pair, a vertical pair, a vertical strip of three, a vertical strip of six, and a block of six.
I show pages for used specimens of the 20 cents, 25 cents, 30 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar values, as well as a main pages with large images for each value.
All of the images shown here are selections from a small correspondence sent to X-Press Marketing in Berlin. An example of one of these covers (Berlin-Pankow, postal code 13187) is shown below. Except for a cover from Oranienburg-165X5, and one postmarked at Briefenzentrum 13, all of the covers shown here are postmarked in the various offices of Berlin. Quick links to these (implicit for all these numbers is that they correspond to Berlin post offices [postal code in bracket as read from cover]): 126 / 4 [10115] / 10 [10585] / 304 [10779] / 62 [10827] / 443 [12051] / 42 [12099] / [12101] / 427 [12105] / 480 [12279] / 47 [12539] / Berlin-Kopenick [12555] / Berlin-Hohenschonhausen-3 [13051] / Berlin-Hohenschonhausen-2 [13055] / Berlin-Pankow [13187] / 510 [13405] / 26 [13437] / 260 [13439] / 27 [13507] / 271 [13507] / 20 [13581] / 201 [13589] / 301 [13589] / 191 [14039] / 332 [14195] / Potsdam 90 [14482]
Here are the low values of this series. I show here the low values, high values, and three selections from high value usages.
Article 82: UK Castle High Value Definitives Revisited
I am updating information on this site about the UK Castle High Value Definitives. I previously authored article 18, with incomplete information. I show highlights showing the difference between the Harrison and Enschede printings, and I show a page with highlights from all of the values in both series that I hope will help you identify them. I also have several pages for postmarks. Quick links: main page / comparison of Harrison and Enschede printings / Harrison values / Enschede values / regular postmarks / curly edge postmarks / large cancellers
Here is a selection of Egypt stamps from the 1960s. Quick links are for the main page and a page dedicated to two issues for the preservation of Nubia's temples.
Here is a large image of the 4,50 DM Germany Sites Definitive. Below it, I show an example with a worn postmark that is barely legible, and also an example of a commemorative postmark. Quick links: main page / 4-digit postmarks / postmarks by region: 00 and 10 / 20 and 30 / 40 and 50 / 60 and 70 / 80 and 90
The legacy of great modern commemoratives lives on thanks to Royal Mail. Here is a small group of commemoratives with views of Wales. In a separate image I show an image of the presentation pack.
Here are a few modern definitives from Ghana on a single correspondence. Quick links: 50 cents on cover, 100 cents on several covers.
The 1949 high values of India stand out as some of the most beautiful definitives of the mid 20th century. Here is a used selection. I show multiples in pages dedicated to three of the values. Quick links: main page, 1 rupee specimens, 5 rupee specimens, and 15 rupee blocks.
The legacy of great modern commemoratives lives on thanks to Royal Mail. Here is a small group of commemoratives with views of Northern Ireland. In a separate page I show an image of the presentation pack.
Here is a selection of monuments commemoratives: Save Abu Simbel and Monuments of Nubia.
Here is a sheet with eight views of National Parks. Below are large images of each of the stamps, and in a separate page, an image of the entire sheet.
Here are representative signles of this issue. Follow the links and images to pages for each of the ranges. Quick links: main page / low values / first class values / middle values / high values / coils
Here is a sample of 3 dollar stamps from kiloware. In this page I show a few slogans. Quick links: main page / postmarked specimens
I show a gorgeous selection of Italian stamps depicting fountains. The first stamp below shows the Fontana Di Trevi in Rome. Quick links: main page / additional stamps
The Mexico Exporta Definitives are a collector's dream. The stamps are beautiful, and were printed in an array of designs, papers, tagging, colors, and perforations. There is a comprehensive listing of these stamps at the etiangui site. Covers of this issue are hard to come by. I break down this issue into four major installments, and have finally gotten around to adding pages for each of the four major groups (which are broken down into a dozen or so issues by specialists more well informed than I am), and below I also have links to pages for each design. I am missing a few major varieties, but I think I have all of the base stamps by now. Quick links to the issue pages: The Air Mail Issue 1975-1982 / The Ground Issue 1975-1982 / The 100's Issue 1983-1987 / The 1000's Issue 1988-1993 Quick links to the design pages: abalone / automotive parts / cattle / chemical products / coffee / minerals / steel tubing / agricultural products / bycicles / hammered copper / cotton / cotton thread / denim / electronic components / honey / tomatoes / petroleum valves / automotive vehicles / books / electrical wiring / citrics / strawberries / construction materials / ironwork / jewelry / shoes / tequila / films
The latest series of definitives from Hong Kong marks a departure from previous designs: the stamps look like postcards. Quick links: page with $1.40 value / high values / small $3 value
Here is a selection of Italy fountain commemoratives. Quick links: first page / second page
The most common value found in this high value sample of Hong Kong kiloware is the $13 value. I show here three pages of clippings with this value. Quick links: main page / second page / third page
The legacy of great modern commemoratives lives on thanks to Royal Mail. Here is a small group of commemoratives with views of South-West England.
I show here another installment in the U.K. regionals series.
Here are Italy stamps for villas and tourist attractions.
Here are four pages of stamps from Korea issued in 2002. They show a wide range of examples of Korean culture, geography, and architecture. Quick links: first page / second page / third page / fourth page
Article 203: Italy Villas These stamps depicting Italian Villas were issued in 1982, 1983, and 1985.
Article 214: Egypt Commemoratives This is a selection of 1960s commemoratives. Quick links: main page / Aswan Dam / Air Mail stamps / National Resources
Article 217: Italy Villas These stamps depict villas and piazzas of Italy.
Article 221: Israel Gates These stamps from Israel show ancient city gates. Quick links: sheet 1 / sheet 2
Article 262: Israel Architecture These stamps from Israel show examples of the architecture. Article 270: Colombia Definitives This series of definitives highlights natural resources and public works projects. Quick links: main page / middle values / high values
Article 293: Denmark Houses Stamps These stamps depict houses in Denmark from the 16th and 17th centuries.
Article 307: United Kingdom High Value Castle Definitives This installment is dedicated to the high value castles. Quick links: main page / one pound castle / one and a half pound castle
Article 319: India 2550 Years of Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha This large souvenir sheet shows an overlay of Buddist statues and other artwork.
Article 323: Argentina Tourism Views Here is a sheet of wide angle images of tourist views of Argentina, including some from national parks.
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