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This stamp is one of the 1935-51 definitives. There are three separate pages associated with this article: one dedicated to plate varieties and printing shifts between the two plates used, and another dedicated to postal usages of the stamp as singles and on cover.
Independent Kenya has a great history of definitives that are as beautiful as commemoratives. This stamp is found on registered covers. This article offers a brief look at some postmarks from kiloware.
The Australia 1913 1d Kangaroo Red is the most affordable value in this series. Here I show some color shades, plate varieties, and postmarked specimens.
Article 48: Canada $2 Polar Bear High Value Definitive    
Here is a high definition image of this stamp. Quick links point to the main article page, a page with highlights of the design, and a page dedicated to postmarked specimens
This commemorative issue is very appealing. It has beautiful depictions of butterflies and fish. Below is a large image of the scarcest value of the series, the 20c Special Delivery. I include here quick links to the series mint, and used-mostly CTO since this issue saw almost no genuine postal use.
I show images for this series, with pages for the low and middle values, the high values, and the booklet and self adhesive values.
The second series of Queen Elizabeth II definitives for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika (K.U.T.) shows beautiful one color engravings of Kenyan nature themes. QE II's image is in an attractive medallion. Quick links here for the main page, the low values, the high values, and a cover.
I show pages for used specimens of the 20 cents, 25 cents, 30 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar values, as well as a main pages with large images for each value.
I show here an early definitive series for independent Kenya. In this page I show the low values, and in a separate page I show the high values.
In this first selection, I show usages of the 200 c Leucodon Cowrie Sea Shell. I show major color variations of the stamp, a selection of several postmarks, two covers (arbitrarily numbered 4 and 8), a selection from a cover with a missperfed vertical pair, and covers and selections from covers for four cities: Accra (the capital), Kaneshie, Kotokuraba, and Swedru.
I show several specimens of this stamp. This article includes a main page showing details of the design, and a page dedicated to postmarked specimens.
Several specimens of the Australia 3d Kangaroo with Large Crown watermark are shown here. A page shows large scans and back scans of the watermark, and another page shows several postmarks.
These definitives are characterized by clean and colorful designs. The main page contains the low values, and I also show a page with the middle and high values.
Here is a series of definitives from South Africa. Some of the values were issued with and without some colors. Quick links: low values / middle values / high values
Here is a series of Japan birds. Quick links: main page / second page
Article 174: Benin Tropical Fish These are beautiful tropical fish stamps. These were issued in 1997.
Article 182: Portugal World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Commemoratives These stamps show close-up images of animals found in Portugal and former Portuguese colonies.
Article 183: Thailand Fish I show here a souvenir sheet showing the marine life of Thailand.
Article 190: Canada Audubon and Wildlife Issues The beautiful Birds of America book is highlighted in an issue by Canada. I also show two souvenir sheets, one showing flowers and celebrating a stamp exhibition, and another showing big cats, part of a joint issue with China. Quick links: Audubon issue stamps / Audubon sheets / Two souvenir sheets
Article 201: Canada New High Values Canada has issed four high valued definitives in the style of the previous series. Quick links: sheets of four
Article 205: Suriname Fish These fresh water fish stamps were in issued in 1978.
Article 210: Benin Whales and Dolphins Here are stamps from Benin depicting whales and dolphins.
Article 223: Vietnam Goldfish Several types of goldfish are depicted in this series from Vietnam.
Article 227:Indonesia Nature Stamps These stamps were issued as a single sheetlet with ten subjects.
Article 232: Phillipines Native Fauna Here is an issue from the Phillipines showing native fauna.
Article 239: Poland Nature Commemoratives Poland issued these nature commemoratives in 1972. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 248: Poland Amphibians stamps In the tradition of large format commemoratives, these Poland issues are iconic. Quick links: first page / second page / third page Article 263: South Africa Fish Definitives Part 1 Here is a sample of kiloware with these beautiful definitives. Quick links: main page / low values / one rand part 1 / one rand part 2
Article 264: Spain Nature Issues These stamps have original high quality designs. Quick links: an issue / a second issue
Article 271: Spain Nature Stamps Here are beautiful stamps from the late 1970s. Quick links: amphibians / reptiles
Article 277: Cuba Christmas Stamps This is an uncommon issue mostly with butterflies, mollusks, and birds from Christmas 1961. Quick links: pane 1 (butterflies) / pane 2 (mollusks) / pane 3 (birds) Article 278: Bangladesh Nature Stamps This issue depicts wild animals from Bangladesh.
Article 280: South Africa Kiloware Fish and Flower Definitives Here is another selection from a batch of kiloware I have been digging through. Quick links: flowers / 5c fish and some flowers Article 285: Indonesia Primates Stamps This issue from Indonesia depicts primates. Article 292: China Wildlife Stamps Souvenir Sheet This souvenir sheets shows wildlife from China (mammals, birds, and fish). Quick links: low values / yuan values / the sheet and additional designs
Article 305: Guinea Bird Stamps Unusual format, gorgeous colors, and exotic birds. What more can we ask for? Quick links: lower values / higher values
Article 306: Ukraine Owl Stamps Here is a beautiful sheet of owl stamps. Quick links: the stamps / the sheet
Article 317: South Africa Nature Definitives from Kiloware; Part 3 Birds, fish, and butterflies are featured in this fascinating definitives series. Quick links: stamp selections / the clippings
Article 320: Belarus Birds Souvenir Sheet Belarus issued this small sheet in 2006. It shows 12 birds. Quick links: first page / second page
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