Sitemap for Articles 141 to 180 (April to December 2006)

Here are selections from an Iowa correspondence. Quick links: main page with flag over porch 32c stamp / other stamps
Here are selected stamps from Malaysis. Quick links: main page (fauna and flora) / additional stamps (walking canes and pottery)
This group of covers bears overprinted inflation stamps. The 10 Bolivares on 0.25 Bolivares, may be rare, if judging by the small number of specimens found in this correspondence. Quick links: main page / cutouts / item 1 / cover 1 / cover 2
I show here three specimens, with highlights of the design, backscans, highlights of the postmarks, and details showing plate flaws.Quick links: main page / postmarked "12" specimen / postmarked "142" specimen / postmarked "102" specimen
Here are several examples of this stamp. Quick links: main page / postmarks / overprint highlights
I show here several blocks of the 10 centavos. Below are three blocks of four in three shades, followed by highlights for color comparisons. Quick links: main page / several blocks of four / a block of ten / a block of fourteen ( main page / detailed images ) / a few plate varieties
Here are some 2006 stamps showing children book characters. Quick links: individual stamps
These are beautiful definitives. I show the four stamps, and a sheetlet of the $3 value from the Phila Nippon 1991 Stamp Exhibition.
Here is a selection of Danish commemoratives from the early 1960s. Quick links: dansk fredning stamps. Not knowing Danish, I searched for the word "Fugleflugtslinien" and the reference is to a transportation line (linien) associated with trains and ferries: Kattler family web site / 40 year jubilee of Fugleflugtslinien
Here is a great selection of trains commemoratives from Japan
Here is a selection of covers, mostly with commemoratives. I have also included large scans of some of the definitives. Quick links: the covers
Here are four postal receipts from China. Quick links: receipt 1 / receipt 2 / receipt 3 / receipt 4
I have come across a great selection of USA late 1970s and early 1980s kiloware. The clippings are from what may have been mailings of important documents. Most of the rates seem to be in the $1.50 to $2.50 range. Quick links here are for the kiloware section, the main page for this group of kiloware, and the stamps I have previously shown: the 20c George Marshall stamp, the 25c Frederick Douglass stamp, the 1c Thomas Jefferson stamp, and the 13c Americana stamp, for which I may add other clippings in the future.
Here are two series of stamps depicting aboriginal paintings. The first series is illustrated here. Quick links: second series
Here is a sample of 3 dollar stamps from kiloware. In this page I show a few slogans. Quick links: main page / postmarked specimens
I show a gorgeous selection of Italian stamps depicting fountains. The first stamp below shows the Fontana Di Trevi in Rome. Quick links: main page / additional stamps
The Mexico Exporta Definitives are a collector's dream. The stamps are beautiful, and were printed in an array of designs, papers, tagging, colors, and perforations. There is a comprehensive listing of these stamps at the etiangui site. Covers of this issue are hard to come by. I break down this issue into four major installments, and have finally gotten around to adding pages for each of the four major groups (which are broken down into a dozen or so issues by specialists more well informed than I am), and below I also have links to pages for each design. I am missing a few major varieties, but I think I have all of the base stamps by now. Quick links to the issue pages: The Air Mail Issue 1975-1982 / The Ground Issue 1975-1982 / The 100's Issue 1983-1987 / The 1000's Issue 1988-1993 Quick links to the design pages: abalone / automotive parts / cattle / chemical products / coffee / minerals / steel tubing / agricultural products / bycicles / hammered copper / cotton / cotton thread / denim / electronic components / honey / tomatoes / petroleum valves / automotive vehicles / books / electrical wiring / citrics / strawberries / construction materials / ironwork / jewelry / shoes / tequila / films
Here is the first group of issues of this great series. Quick links: main page / second page / third page
Here is a selection of 1960's commemoratives. Below is a set celebrating the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics
This is the definitive series in use during the 2000s decade. Here I show the individual specimens, and on a separate page, I show the stamps in plate blocks. Quick links: main page / plate blocks
The combination of high levels of usage during World War II, and equally high levels of usage during the industrial growth of the United States after the war, make the Presidential series of the most common definitive series of all time. This series, better known as "The Prexies," has an expansive postal history. I barely scratch the surface in this web site. I acquired a small group of blocks (mostly of 4) of these stamps in 2003. I also have a few covers. This issue attracts a great deal of attention, and has been studied beyond what I can possibly do by many. Some of the blocks are shown in article 13, which I have renamed as a listing for these 47 blocks. In addition, I have an article with several used 10c stamps. Quick links: 1/2c Benjamin Franklin / 1c George Washington / 1 1/2c Martha Washington / 2c John Adams / 3c Thomas Jefferson / 4c James Madison / 4 1/2 c The White House / 5c James Monroe / 6c John Quincy Adams / 7c Andrew Jackson / 8c Martin Van Buren / 9c William Henry Harrison / 10c John Tyler / 11c James K. Polk / 12c Zachary Taylor / 13c Millard Fillmore / 14c Franklin Pierce / 15c James Buchanan / 16c Abraham Lincoln / 17c Andrew Johnson / 18c Ulysses S. Grant / 19c Rutherford B. Hayes / 20c James A. Garfield / 21c Chester A. Arthur / 22c Grover Cleveland / 24c Benjamin Harrison / 25c William McKinley / 30c Theodore Roosevelt / 50c William Howard Taft / $1 Woodrow Wilson / $2 Warren G. Harding / $5 Calvin Coolidge
This series received use in Germany between 1900 and the early 1920s. The specimens shown here are from the more common printings. Quick links: first page / second page
The latest series of definitives from Hong Kong marks a departure from previous designs: the stamps look like postcards. Quick links: page with $1.40 value / high values / small $3 value
I continue showing the Art stamps that have been issued by France since the 1960s. The stamps shown here contain brief descriptions from information I gleaned searching the web. Quick links: first page / second page
Here is a type showing of this series, including some "rueda de carreta" specimens, two covers, and a piece. There are three papers: watermarked loops, watermarked cross-hatch lines, and unwatermarked. The stamps shown below are unwatermarked (2 cuartos and 1 real), and watermarked loops (4 cuartos and 2 reales). Quick links: types / rueda de carreta (wheel barrel cancelers) / two covers and a piece
Here is a series of definitives from South Africa. Some of the values were issued with and without some colors. Quick links: low values / middle values / high values
Here is a selection of Italy fountain commemoratives. Quick links: first page / second page
The most common value found in this high value sample of Hong Kong kiloware is the $13 value. I show here three pages of clippings with this value. Quick links: main page / second page / third page
The three items shown here are a single 1 kreuzer Orange, a 6 kreuzer Brown on cover, and a 9 kreuzer Lime Green on cover. The 9 kreuzer cover is shown below. Quick links: main page / 6 kreuzer on cover / letter for 6 kreuzer cover / 9 kreuzer on cover
Here is a series of Japan birds. Quick links: main page / second page
The legacy of great modern commemoratives lives on thanks to Royal Mail. Here is a small group of commemoratives with views of South-West England.
These are beautiful tropical fish stamps. These were issued in 1997.
A great selection of tropical butterflies are depicted by Suriname in this series. Quick links: first page / second page
This is a first batch of the current series of Canada definitives. Below I show images for each of the values, and these icons are link to a page for each. Quick links: main page / 50c Red Calla Lilly / 51c Bergamot Blossom / 85c Yellow Calla Lily / 89c Yellow Lady's Slipper / 105c Pink Fairy Slipper / 145c Blue Iris / 149c Himalayan Blue Poppies
I show here another installment in the U.K. regionals series.
Here are Italy stamps for villas and tourist attractions.
Here is the third group of issues of this great series. Quick links: main page / second page / third page
Here are four pages of stamps from Korea issued in 2002. They show a wide range of examples of Korean culture, geography, and architecture. Quick links: first page / second page / third page / fourth page
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