Sitemap for Articles 63 to 98 (March 2005 to August 2005)

I show pages for used specimens of the 20 cents, 25 cents, 30 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar values, as well as a main pages with large images for each value.
This is the highest value of the Cuba First Issue. Both 1855 printings were surcharged for the Havana local mails, as I have previously described in an article. Follow the links and thumbnails for each image below to a page for each printing of this value. This issue was superseded in 1864 by the Cuba Second Issue. Here are quick links to this article: the main page / 1855 First Printing: bluish paper, watermark loops / 1855 First Printing Blocks ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ) / 1855 First Printing with forged postmark / 1855 Second Printing: white paper, watermark loops / 1855 Second Printing blocks ( 1 / 2 ) / 1855 Second Printing paper and watermark / 1856, watermark crossed lines / 1857 First Printing Orange, clean plate / 1857 Second Printing Rust Red, worn plate / 1857 Third Printing Rust Red, bleached plate / 1857 Third Plinting block of eight
The France Merson 1 Franc was in used between 1900 and the early 1930s. This stamp saw many printings-some shown in this article. Quick links are to: main page / a page with various shades / cancelled specimens / selected blocks / selected covers
I show a page with the eight values from this issue. The 3D issues of Bhutan are the quintesential stamps for collectors. These stamps are at the opposite extreme of the high volume utilitarian definitive.
These early 20th century stamps have distinctive decorative designs. At a time (1917 and thereafter) Saudi Arabia did not have nearly the volume of mail it has today. Each of the stamps below is a thumbnail linked to a larger image. Quick links: 1/8 piaster / 1/4 piaster / 1/2 piaster / 1 piaster
These stamps were used after 1988, and throughout the 1990s. Each link and image thumbnail points to a larger image of the stamp. Quick Links: 1c / 2c / 5c / 7c / 10c / 16c / 18c / 20c / 21c / Standard Rate / 25c / 30c / 35c / 40c / 50c / 90c / 1 Rand / 2 Rands / 5 Rands
This issue was printed over the course of fifteen years. The specimens shown here are from a sample lot I came across a few months ago. Quick Links: 1 L / 2 L / 5 L / 10 L / 20 L / 25 L Blue / 25 L Purple / 25 L Blue Purple / 40 L Purple / 40 L Blue / 50 L / 1 Drachma
This definitive saw extensive use during the 1980s and 1990s. I show a main page with examples from the edges of the sheet, and a page with various multiples.
I show three types of the very popular Mexico Exporta Definitives. Quick links: main page / Fresas - Strawberries / Mezcilla - Denim / Citricos - Citrics
Here is a wonderful high value definitive. I show a large image of this stamp, as well as three details to show the gold inlay and the high quality of the etching.
I show three of the high values from the Brazil 1950s series of definitives. Follow the links and the image thumbnails to selected specimens and blocks. Quick links: main page / 5 Cruzeiros / 10 Cruzeiros / 20 Cruzeiros
Here are the low values of this series. I show here the low values, high values, and three selections from high value usages.
Here are the low values of this series. For three of these values, I show duplicates with slight variations in color. I show here the low values, middle values, and high values.
Here I show the major values in blocks of four, the color varieties of the 1/2 real on salmon, 1/2 real on white, 1 real, and 2 reales. The 1/4 real was printed in a small run and seems to have just one color: black. I also show specimens cancelled with the regular canceller and other cancellers.
I show a sample of these high values. Here are quick links to several specimens of the 1 Rupee, 2 Rupees, and 5 Rupees values.
I have come across a great selection of USA late 1970s and early 1980s kiloware. I show here a selection of these with the predominant stamp being either the 1c Thomas Jefferson, or the 13c Americana. Quick links here are for the kiloware section, the main page for this group of kiloware, and the pages for these two stamps- 1c Thomas Jefferson, 13c Americana, for which I may add other clippings in the future. Below each image are links to pages with clippings.
I am updating information on this site about the UK Castle High Value Definitives. Quick links: main page / comparison of Harrison and Enschede printings / Harrison values / Enschede values / regular postmarks / curly edge postmarks / large cancellers
I show here an early definitive series for independent Kenya. In this page I show the low values, and in a separate page I show the high values.
I show here the four major types for this stamp. Quick links: main page / Stamp list for all 48 / Group One: Stamps 1 to 8 / Group Two: Stamps 9 to 16 / Group Three: Stamps 17 to 24 / Group Four: Stamps 25 to 32 / Group Five: Stamps 33 to 40 / Group Six: Stamps 41 to 48 / Selections from sections of the stamp: crown for selected stamps between 4 and 16 / 19 to 32 / 33 to 47 / eagle for selected stamps between 6 and 20 / 21 and 34 / 35 and 47 / Numeral seven showing various types of background shifts and wear of plate for selected stamps between 1 and 16 / 18 and 29 / 32 and 40 / Selections from stamps with various line breaks / background shifts / Lower legend selections.
I show here six postal receipts. I am not sure what these receipts are for. Quick links: main page / receipts 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
Here I show eight covers with the Poland 5 ZL airmail stamp. All of these covers are to a single addressee. Quick links: main page, covers 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Here is a comprehensive selection of the 50c Olive Green Cuba airmail, accompanied by a single cover of the scarcer 50c Blue, which was only intended to be used within Cuba, and two splendid covers with the 1 peso value. Quick links: main page, 50c Blue, 50c Olive Green covers: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 ; 1 peso covers: 1 / 2
I show here a selection of these with the predominant stamp being either the 20c George Marshall stamp, or the 25c Frederick Douglass stamp. Quick links here are for the kiloware section, the main page for this group of kiloware, and the pages for these two stamps-the 20c George Marshall stamp, or the 25c Frederick Douglass stamp, and the two I have previously shown- 1c Thomas Jefferson, 13c Americana, for which I may add other clippings in the future. Below each image are links to pages with clippings, and additional clippings are linked to from the single stamp pages.
These sheets were used as an accounting method by postal clerks to keep an account of cash versus stamps on hand. I show here nine sheets. Quick links: main page / sheets 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9
These are striking commemoratives. They are sure to stand out in the bunch.
Here is a small correspondence of registered covers from various cities in Germany to a single address in Chicago. Most of the definitives are from the Castles series, and some are from the Technik series. Quick links: main / cover 1 / cover 5 / cover 6 / cover 7 / cover 10 / cover 11 / cover 13 / cover 14 / cover 15 / cover 22 / cover 28 / cover 29
There were several printings of this stamp. I show here examples from some of the printings, as well as details from one of the stamps showing a plate variety. There are three major groups: the gray black printings, the slightly doubled gray printing, and the black printing. Because of the changes brought about by inflation, this stamp was used as a low value and as a high value.
In this first selection, I show usages of the 200 c Leucodon Cowrie Sea Shell. I show major color variations of the stamp, a selection of several postmarks, two covers (arbitrarily numbered 4 and 8), a selection from a cover with a missperfed vertical pair, and covers and selections from covers for four cities: Accra (the capital), Kaneshie, Kotokuraba, and Swedru.
Here is a great series of insect commemoratives. I show highlights of the singles, and scans of the sheetlets.
The first Merson 3 Franc was issued in 1924. The second Merson 3 Franc was issued in 1927. This latter stamp was the last Merson to be issued. Besides this page showing color variations, I also show a page with selected postmarks for both issues.
This stamp received heavy usage from the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s. Quick links: main page / purple issues / red purple issue / perfins / postmarks sampler / oval cancellers / black postmarks / reddish purple postmarks.
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