Articles March 2010 to February 2011

Article 384: Exporta first attempt at examining the papers These are the stamps that were issued on only one paper.
Article 385: United Kingdom End of World War II Commemorative Souvenir Sheet Here is a seldom seen combination: a definitve combined with a commemorative on a souvenir sheet. Nice!
Article 386: Singapore Tree Top Animal Life Commemorative Souvenir Sheet These four designs celebrate tree top animal life.
Article 387: Guinea Snakes The designs for this issue are repeated for several denominations.
Article 388: China Three Kingdoms issue of 1992 Here is an installment of a series dedicated to this novel.
Article 389: Argentina Flower Definitives from the 1980s part of a Mercedes Benz dealer correspondence This correspondence is mostly from the period when the hyperinflation pesos issue overlaps with the new currency issue. Quick links: the stamps ( pesos / (a)rgentinean peso ) / covers ( pesos / (a)rgentinean peso / mixed ) / a color shifted variety
Article 390: United States Abstract Expressionism Souvenir Sheet This beautiful series shows paintings from one of the most important periods of modern art. Quick links: the stamps / the sheet
Article 391: Turkey Arts and Crafts Issue of 1984 These stamps are semi-postal issues.
Article 395: Kenya Butterfly Definitives on cover I finally have the high value (the 40 shillings stamp) on cover. Here it is with a few other covers showcasing this beautiful series.
Article 396: China Folk Houses Definitives on cover These details are from bank covers. They show the Folk Houses definitives. There are some postal code postamrks as well as the older style postmarks.
Article 399: Thailand Flowers Souvenir Sheet This sheet has images of nine flowers. The theme of this issue is 'Amazing Thailand.'
Article 400: Turkey Arts and Craft Issue of 1985 Here is a second series of these semi-postals stamps.
Article 401: U.S. Prominent Americans Definitives This series was in use between 1965 and the early 1980s. Quick links: low and medium value plate blocks / high value plate blocks
Article 402: Selection of Kenya Covers These stamps fail to get boring for me. Quick links: page one / page two / page three
Article 403: Russia Art at the Hermitage Museum 1983 Here is another installment showing great works of art. Quick links: first issue / second issue
Article 405: Venezuela Orchids Souvenir Sheet Yet another beautiful sheet in what was an ongoing series.
Article 406: India Souvenir Sheets These Souvenir Sheets span several subjects in art and architecture
Article 407: Belgium Buzin Birds Francs Issues Here is a long series of definitives designed by Buzin. Quick links: page one / page two / page three / page four
Article 408: Canada $10 Whale Stamp of 2010 Not only is this the largest stamp ever issued by Canada, it is also one of the most audacious, beautiful....words escape me. This stamp is a masterpiece. Quick links: pane of two / first day cover
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