Articles April to November 2008

Article 296: Greece Sports Stamps This issue depicts aquatic sports.
Article 297: Slovakia Butterfly Stamps This souvenir sheet is only for three stamps, and includes additional butterflies as selvage. Quick links: main page / additional artwork
Article 298: Venezuela Orchids Souvenir Sheets (Part 1) Here is a souvenir sheet from the orchids series. There are two rows with five stamps each. Quick links: main page / additional stamps / the sheet
Article 300: China Art Panels Souvenir Sheet This souvernir sheet shows three wide views from panels. Quick links: the stamps / the sheet
Article 301: Additional batch of India covers Modern India has a fascinating postal history and a wide range of interesting usages. Quick links: main page / commemoratives / 2 rupees textiles page one / 2 rupees textiles page two / high values-5 and 10 rupees
Article 302: Additional United States prephilatelic covers The covers shown here are from Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ohio, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Georgia. Some of the rate markings are interesting. Quick links: first page / second page / third page
Article 303: Mexico 1968 Olympics Olympic dark images are shown on bright colors in these stamps. Quick links: regular issues / airmail issues / souvenir sheets
Article 304: Japan Art Issues Another installment of Japanese art stamps.
Article 305: Guinea Bird Stamps Unusual format, gorgeous colors, and exotic birds. What more can we ask for? Quick links: lower values / higher values
Article 306: Ukraine Owl Stamps Here is a beautiful sheet of owl stamps. Quick links: the stamps / the sheet
Article 307: United Kingdom High Value Castle Definitives This installment is dedicated to the high value castles. It continues the series on articles on machin definitives used in combination with these high values. Quick links: main page / one pound castle / one and a half pound castle
Article 308: Singapore Fabric of the Nation Stamps This sheetlet commemorates various national themes of Singapore. Quick links: main page / first group / second group / third group / fourth group
Article 309: Cuba Airmail low value uses from the 1940s and 1950s These stamps were in use during the 1940s and 1950s, and some during the 1930s. There are two series, one for internal air mail, and one for external air mail, although both series can be found used either way. Quick links: main page / 5c purple / 5c green and 8c brown / 10c black / 10c blue
Article 310: United States Tropical Fruits Sheet The use of digital presses has increased the quality of stamps substantially. Here is an example from the United States. Quick links: the stamps / the sheet
Article 311: Two Souvenir Sheets from China Here are two beautiful souvenir sheets from china. Quick links: main page / country scene / ancient ships
Article 312: Russia Semipostals These stamps date from the early 20th century and have bold colors.
Article 313: Germany Inflation 'INFLA' Stamps This small selection shown the '10 M 10' overprint stamps. These stamps, by virtue of how common they are, should be genuine. Expertizing these postmarks is best left to the specialists.
Article 314: Cuba Airmail Issues of the 30s/40s/50s; the mid-values These stamps are somewhat uncommon on cover because they satisfied air mail rates to countries far from Cuba. Several exotic destinations are featured here. Quick links: Main Page / 15c Pink / 20c Brown / 20c Red / 20c Rose / 30c Purple / 40c Orange
Article 315: Denmark Nature Commemoratives This souvenir sheet features plants and insects.
Article 316: Jordan Iris Souvenir Sheet Here is a souvenir sheet commemorating the significance of the Iris to Jordan. Quick Links: selections from this souvenir sheet / the sheet
Article 317: South Africa Nature Definitives from Kiloware; Part 3 Birds, fish, and butterflies are featured in this fascinating definitives series. Quick links: stamp selections / the clippings
Article 318: Cuba 1864 Half Real on Buff paper This is a relatively rare stamp. Most of these stamps were issued on white paper. This is a small selection showing a few minor, and one major plate variety. Quick links: specimens showing plate varieties / additional specimens
Article 319: India 2550 Years of Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha This large souvenir sheet shows an overlay of Buddist statues and other artwork.
Article 320: Belarus Birds Souvenir Sheet Belarus issued this small sheet in 2006. It shows 12 birds. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 321: United States Classic Cars This self-stick sheet shows five classic American cars. The back of each stamp has a brief description of the corresponding car. Quick links: fist page / second page, including a complete scan of the sheet
Article 322: Russia Flowers Souvenir Sheet Four flowers are shown on this souvenir sheet.
Article 323: Argentina Tourism Views Here is a sheet of wide angle images of tourist views of Argentina, including some from national parks.
Article 324: Thailand Insects When viewed at an angle, you can see that the center design showing the insect has been printed with an additional layer of gloss. It is a beautiful effect.
Article 325: Sweden Maps These stamps show the evolution of the science of cartography.
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