The mid 20th Century (on or around WW II)

The years on or around World War II bring stamp collecting to a new level. All of the technologies that had been responsible up to that time in carrying the mails are mature, and because of the logistics of the war, the volume of mail increases once again sharply. A case in point is the 3 cent U.S. prexie, a stamp that was printed in what can only be described as gargantuan quantities. Because of World War II, most countries had their international mail censored, sometimes at more than one point of entry or exit. Below is an example of a censored cover from World War II that was examined upon entry into the United States. The end of World War II brought about new stamp-issuing countries; e.g. Israel, Pakistan, The United Nations, and Taiwan. Below right is a 1959 stamp from Pakistan.
Immediately after World War II, India became independent from England (in 1948). Below is one of the high values from the 1949 definitive issue.
Below is a 1949 cover from Israel to Germany from 1949. The stamps are from the Doar Ivry issue
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