The U.K. Castles High Value Definitives

The country that first issued postage stamps continues to produce great definitive series. The U.K. Castles High Values provide the collector with one decade and counting of postal history. Despite their high face value, these stamps are easy to obtain, and a great source of postmarks. The top stamp (1 Pound) shown here is from the Harrison printing, and the bottom stamp (5 Pounds) is from the Enschede printing.
I have recently acquired kiloware for these stamps. I also have a few covers, and some have been shown in article 18. I have updated information for this issue in article 82, for which I include the quick links here. Quick links: main page / comparison of Harrison and Enschede printings / Harrison values / Enschede values / regular postmarks / curly edge postmarks / large cancellers
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