Spain 4 cuartos 1850s and 1860s stamps

These are the letter rate definitives for this era of Spanish philately. At this point, I am concentrating on the Cartwheel postmarks, and the 4 cuartos of 1860.
Article 167: Spain Issues of 1855-56 Here is a type showing of this series, including some "rueda de carreta" specimens, two covers, and a piece. There are three papers: watermarked loops, watermarked cross-hatch lines, and unwatermarked. The stamps shown below are unwatermarked (2 cuartos and 1 real), and watermarked loops (4 cuartos and 2 reales). Quick links: types / rueda de carreta (wheel barrel cancelers) / two covers and a piece
Article 351: Spain 1860 4 cuartos with Barcelona Cartwheel ('Rueda de Carreta') I have assembled the numerals for this postmark in a comparison chart. I also show examples of the postmarks that are clearly damaged and have two Picasa albums showing many specimens. Quick links: main page / damaged examples / Picasa Albums
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