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Argentina 1899 Liberty Seated Definitives / Argentina San Martin 1923-35 Definitives / Argentina 1935-51 Definitives / China Architecture Definitives / Cuba First Issue 1855-1863 / France Merson / Germany Women and Sites / India Modern Definitives / Kenya Butterflies / Kenya Birds / Mexico Exporta / Spain 4 cuartos 1850s and 1860s stamps / UK Castles High Values / US Prexies / US Americana / US American Design
This series was in use between 1899 and 1909. The 5 centavos stamp is one of the most common Argentinean stamps, and the 16 centavos stamp is one of the rarest. I have a page dedicated to the watermark and another showing small and jumbo stamps caused by poor alignment of the perforations. Quick links: 1/2 centavo / 1 centavo / 2 centavos ( and a page with re-entries ) / 3 centavos / 4 centavos / 5 centavos ( with a page for line breaks ) / 6 centavos / 10 centavos / 12 centavos blue green / 12 olive green / 15 centavos / 16 centavos / 20 centavos / 24 centavos / 30 centavos Orange / 30 centavos Vermillion / 30 centavos Vivid Red / 50 centavos / 1 peso / 5 pesos / 10 pesos / 20 pesos ( and a large block punched "INUTILIZADO" ) / postmarks: Buenos Aires Letter / Buenos Aires Numeral / Cities and Towns / foreign postmarks / incomplete postmarks / green postmarks / markings
Follow the links here to information pages for this issue. I have a separate page dedicated to postal history for this issue. I have also authored an article with a few blocks of the 10 centavos: Article 146: Argentina 1923-35 10 centavos San Martin ( Quick links: main page / several blocks of four / a block of ten / a block of fourteen ( main page / detailed images ) / a few plate varieties ). Here is a page with the Petrovich numbering scheme. I am also slowing loading images from a batch of envelopes : first envelope. Quick links: watermarks / with period issues / typographed / 1/2c / 1c / 2c / 3c / 4c / 5c / 10c / 12c / 20c / 24c / 25c / 30c / 50c / 1P / 5P / 10P / 20P / postal history pages.
The Argentina 1935-51 Definitives were the workhorse of this country's postal system for well over 20 years. Related Articles: 2 (5 Pesos), 5 (20cLC). Do check out the latest additions: a wide range of varieties for the 1/2c with the first watermark, a complete listing of the 5 Pesos covers, spanning 20 years of usage, and an exhibit highlighting the many aspect of this issue. I started work on a database for these stamps, but it will take time! The latest major addition is a listing of 2 Pesos covers.
The China Architecture Definitives is a very common issue. One billion people using this definitive issue for well over a decade means that it is easy to come across large correspondences. The correspondences from Chinese applicants to American universities are a good source for usages and postmarks. I have come across two university correspondences with many of these stamps. Related Articles: 6 (1 Yuan), 15 (2 Yuan).
The Cuba First Issue of 1855-63 saw usage during what must have been "interesting" times. The letters from this period tell stories of an era that seems far removed from ours. Related Articles: 1 (1855 1/2 Real), 36 (Postal History Part 1), Article 46: Postal History of the Cuba First Issue, Article 51: Cuba 1855 Havana Mails Issue ("I Griega"), Article 64: Cuba First Issue 1855-1863 2 Reales
The Merson definitives mark the beginning of great definitive stamp design. These are Art Noveau stamps used during the same period as the crafts and artwork of this style were being produced. Related Articles: 3 (second 2 Francs), 16 (5/10/20 Franc), 30 (second 2 Francs), 65: France Merson 1 Franc, 95: Both issues of the 3 Francs, 114 The 50 Centimes, and 131: Merson Covers.
I came across a large correspondence of this issue in 1993, and I was amazed by the range of values, and the high printing quality. The fall of the Berlin Wall directly affected the Germany Women and Sites Definitives. Related Articles: 10: Germany Women Definitives: The First Issue High Values, and Article 53: Selected Germany Women and Sites Postmarks, Mostly from Berlin
India Definitives From A Box of Church Envelopes I have been keeping a box of old India stamps untattended, and I have decided to go through it and have some fun. Here are the first four envelopes. Quick links: main page / envelopes ( Edward VII low values 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 )
The India Modern Definitives make other very common definitivesThrough an ebay seller, I was lucky to obtain the Wells Fargo correspondence (described in articles 4, 11-2 Rps value, and 26-including other material). I have also come across several other correspondences: Strasser, National Machinery, and have authored the following articles: 49: India 5 Rupees Sanchi Stupa Definitive, and 61: India 10 Rupees Forest High Value Definitive
The Kenya Butterfly Definitives are definitives that are as beautiful as many commemoratives. . I have discussed this issue in Article 28. I have also come across a correspondence featuring some of these stamps: The College Board Correspondence.
This definitive series makes for some of the most beautiful postal usages around.
The Mexico Exporta Definitives are a collector's dream. The stamps are beautiful, and were printed in an array of designs, papers, tagging, colors, and perforations. There is a comprehensive listing of these stamps at the etiangui site. I have updated this section with pages for the four main groups: The Air Mail Issue 1975-1982 / The Ground Issue 1975-1982 / The 100's Issue 1983-1987 / The 1000's Issue 1988-1993 ; and with a comprehensive listing of all of the designs: abalone / automotive parts / cattle / chemical products / coffee / minerals / steel tubing / agricultural products / bycicles / hammered copper / cotton / cotton thread / denim / electronic components / honey / tomatoes / petroleum valves / automotive vehicles / books / electrical wiring / citrics / strawberries / construction materials / ironwork / jewelry / shoes / tequila / films. I came across a correspondence of this issue in 1992. Covers of this issue are hard to come by. I have described some of these covers in articles 8 (the high values), 29 (focus on the 5000 Pesos Algodon), additional material in article 34 (10 Pesos Tequila), and 58: Mexico Exporta Oval Cancellers
Spain 4 cuartos 1850s and 1860s stamps These are the letter rate definitives for this era of Spanish philately. At this point, I am concentrating on the Cartwheel postmarks, and the 4 cuartos of 1860. I have authored two articles ( Article 167: Spain Issues of 1855-56 and Article 351: Spain 1860 4 cuartos with Barcelona Cartwheel ('Rueda de Carreta') ), and have added additional material for the 1860 4 cuartos.
This series is the undisputed top definitive series in the level of high quality research it has received, and is one of the most exapnsive definitive series ever. I have authored several articles on this series recently. Quick links: Article 275: Selected United Kingdom Machine Definitives from Kiloware The Machin definitives have the largest number of issues and varieties of any definitive series, ever. Here I show a small selection from the 1995-2002 time range. Quick links: main page / low values (24p, 28p, 29p) / 30p / 31p / more low values (33p. 35p. 36p. 38p) / Article 286: Selected United Kingdom Machine Definitives from Kiloware These are two first class mail rate Machins: the 38p and the 41p, both from the early 2000s. / Article 291: Selected United Kingdom Machine Definitives from Kiloware Here is another installment of this ever-popular definitive series. Quick links: main page / 39p ( first page / second page ) / 50p, mostly in combined usages / mid values ( first page / second page ) / Article 299: United Kingdom Machin Definitives Part 4: Small Format High Values Here is a selection of small format high values, mostly of the 1 pound denomination. Quick links: main page / first page of 1 pound small format / second page of 1 pound small format / third page of 1 pound small format / Other small format high values
The country that first issued postage stamps continues to produce great definitive series. The U.K. Castles High Values provide the collector with one decade and counting of postal history. Despite their high face value, these stamps are easy to obtain, and a great source of postmarks. I have recently acquired kiloware for these stamps. I also have a few covers, some have been shown in article 18. Here is another article: Article 307: United Kingdom High Value Castle Definitives This installment is dedicated to the high value castles. It continues the series on articles on machin definitives used in combination with these high values. Quick links: main page / one pound castle / one and a half pound castle
The combination of high levels of usage during World War II, and equally high levels of usage during the industrial growth of the United States after the war, make the Presidential series of the most common definitive series of all time. This series, better known as "The Prexies," has an expansive postal history. I barely scratch the surface in this web site. I acquired a small group of blocks (mostly of 4) of these stamps in 2003. I also have a few covers. This issue attracts a great deal of attention, and has been studied beyond what I can possibly do by many. Some of the blocks are shown in article 13, and in Article 54: Selected United States 10 cents Presidential "Prexie" Stamps
Here is a new series I plan to develop in future articles and other additions to somestamps. Quick links: main page of Article 137 / low values / first class values / middle values / high values / coils / dedicated pages: 1c / 2c / 3c / 4c / 9c / 10c / 11c / 13c Eagle ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 ) / 13c Liberty Bell and 15c Flag (mostly booklets) / 16c / 24c / 28c / 29c / 30c / 50c / 1 dollar / 2 dollars / 5 dollars / on piece from a single correspondence: 13c Americana / 24c Americana / All other Americana values
With the introduction of this series, I hope the United States Postal Service builds this small series into a large series in the tradition of the Transportation Issue. These design are striking and beautiful. Quick links: 2c Navajo Jewelry (pane) / 4c Chippendale Chair (pane) / 5c American Toleware (pane) / 10c American Clock (pane) / Coils (1c Tiffany Lamp, 3c Coffeepot, and 5c American Toleware)
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