South Africa

Article 68: South Africa Nature Definitives These stamps were used after 1988, and throughout the 1990s. Each link and image thumbnail points to a larger image of the stamp. Quick Links: 1c / 2c / 5c / 7c / 10c / 16c / 18c / 20c / 21c / Standard Rate / 25c / 30c / 35c / 40c / 50c / 90c / 1 Rand / 2 Rands / 5 Rands
Article 168: South Africa Nature Definitives Here is a series of definitives from South Africa. Some of the values were issued with and without some colors. Quick links: low values / middle values / high values
Article 263: South Africa Fish Definitives Part 1 Here is a sample of kiloware with these beautiful definitives. Quick links: main page / low values / one rand part 1 / one rand part 2
Article 280: South Africa Kiloware Fish and Flower Definitives Here is another selection from a batch of kiloware I have been digging through. Quick links: flowers / 5c fish and some flowers
Article 317: South Africa Nature Definitives from Kiloware; Part 3 Birds, fish, and butterflies are featured in this fascinating definitives series. Quick links: stamp selections / the clippings
Article 356: South Africa Definitives Kiloware This is the last installment of this batch of kiloware. Quick links first page / second page / third page
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