Article 8: The Chase Bank Miami (CBI) Correspondence of Mexico Exporta Definitives The Mexico Exporta series has a very large number of issues (approximately 100), and of varieties (in the neighborhood of 500). Here are a few of the issues in a bank correspondence to Miami. The article includes web pages dedicated to the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 pesos values. I have dedicated a section of this web site to this fascinating series.
Article 29: Mexico Exporta 5000 Pesos: The Printings I continue to describe the Exporta high values from the Chase correspondence.
Article 34: Major Printings of the Mexico Exporta Tequila 10 Pesos I show four distinct color varieties for this stamp.
Article 58: Mexico Exporta Oval Cancellers Shown below is a ADMON DE CORREOS marking from Santa Clara. The selections shown here are from the Chase Bank correspondence. These oval cancellers can be grouped into several types (D.F. stands for Mexico City, 'Distrito Federal') : ADMON DE CORREOS D.F. 20 / Santa Clara ; DESPACHO Y RECIBOS : D.F. 7 ; REGISTRADOS : D.F. 3 / D.F. 11 / D.F. 19 / D.F. 21 / D.F. 28 / D.F. 53 / D.F. 77 / San Luis Potosi 78000 ; REGISTRADOS INTERNACIONAL : D.F. 9 / D.F. 19 / D.F. 58 / Leon / Merida 97000 ; REEMBOLSOS : D.F. 17 / Merida 97101
Article 72: Three Mexico Exporta Types I show three types of the very popular Mexico Exporta Definitives. Quick links: main page / Fresas - Strawberries / Mezcilla - Denim / Citricos - Citrics
Article 92: Mexico Exporta 20 Pesos Forged Iron (Hierro Forjado) There were several printings of this stamp. I show here examples from some of the printings, as well as details from one of the stamps showing a plate variety. There are three major groups: the gray black printings, the slightly doubled gray printing, and the black printing. Because of the changes brought about by inflation, this stamp was used as a low value and as a high value.
Article 159: The Mexico Exporta Definitives The Mexico Exporta Definitives are a collector's dream. The stamps are beautiful, and were printed in an array of designs, papers, tagging, colors, and perforations. There is a comprehensive listing of these stamps at the etiangui site. Covers of this issue are hard to come by. I break down this issue into four major installments, and have finally gotten around to adding pages for each of the four major groups (which are broken down into a dozen or so issues by specialists more well informed than I am), and below I also have links to pages for each design. I am missing a few major varieties, but I think I have all of the base stamps by now. Quick links to the issue pages: The Air Mail Issue 1975-1982 / The Ground Issue 1975-1982 / The 100's Issue 1983-1987 / The 1000's Issue 1988-1993 Quick links to the design pages: abalone / automotive parts / cattle / chemical products / coffee / minerals / steel tubing / agricultural products / bycicles / hammered copper / cotton / cotton thread / denim / electronic components / honey / tomatoes / petroleum valves / automotive vehicles / books / electrical wiring / citrics / strawberries / construction materials / ironwork / jewelry / shoes / tequila / films
Article 245: Mexico 1968 Olympics Issues, Part 1 The high values of this series have beautiful designs. The icons used in the 5 pesos designs look like internet icons. Quick links: the stamps / the souvenir sheets
Article 294: Mexico 1968 Olympics Stamps The design for these stamps is reminiscent of 1960s music posters. Quick links: the stamps / the souvenir sheets
Article 303: Mexico 1968 Olympics Olympic dark images are shown on bright colors in these stamps. Quick links: regular issues / airmail issues / souvenir sheets
Article 335: Mexico Monarch Butterflies Several types of Monarch butterflies are featured on these stamps from Mexico
Article 384: Exporta first attempt at examining the papers These are the stamps that were issued on only one paper.
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