Article 35: Malaysia Butterflies Here are a few beautiful stamps.
Article 47: Some Malaysia Butterfly Stamps Here are some butterfly stamps for seven Malaysian provinces. I include here selected stamps from seven of the provinces. Quick Links: Johor / Kedah / Kelantan / Melaka / Negeri-Sembilan / Perak / Perlis
Article 112: Malaysia Butterflies: Trengganu These definitives show the same designs for each value, repeated for each Malaysian state. Here is the series from Trengganu.
Article 133: Malaysia Flower Covers Part 1Here is a selection of four Malaysia flower covers from a single correspondence. Quick links: main page / cover 1 / cover 2 / cover 3 / cover 4
Article 346: Malaysia Covers from a Correspondence Part 1 These covers are part of a single correspondence to Singapore. Quick links : first page / second page / third page
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