Article 12: The 80/- Kenya Flamingo High Value Definitive Independent Kenya has a great history of definitives that are as beautiful as commemoratives. This stamp is found on registered covers. This article offers a brief look at some postmarks from kiloware.
Article 28: The Kenya 1988 Butterfly Definitives Yet another definitive series from Kenya that is as beautiful as a commemorative series. The butterflies series is yet another example. I include a page with cancelled stamps and one cover.
Article 60: Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika (K.U.T.) QE II Definitives, Second Series The second series of Queen Elizabeth II definitives for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika (K.U.T.) shows beautiful one color engravings of Kenyan nature themes. QE II's image is in an attractive medallion. Quick links here for the main page, the low values, the high values, and a cover.
Article 83: Kenya Wildlife Definitives I show here an early definitive series for independent Kenya. In this page I show the low values, and in a separate page I show the high values.
Article 124: Kenya Flower Definitives from the College Board Correspondence I have included in this selection a few great covers, and selections from additional covers. Quick links: main page / selected stamps / slogans / a personal letter / cover 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Article 220: Kenya High Value Flower Definitives on Cover The covers shown here were used to deliver tea samples. Quick links: 2 shillings covers ( one two three ) / 10 shillings cover
Article 229: A Selection of Kenya Covers with Flower Definitives Part 2 Here is a small selection of large format registered covers with the highest values of the series.
Article 249: Modern Kenya Covers to Germany Part 1 Here is the first installment of covers from a mission correspondence to Germany. Quick links: main page / second page / third page
Article 259: Kenya Covers Here is another great selection of registered covers from Kenya to a mission out of Germany. Quick links: first page / second page / third page
Article 350: Kenya Covers This selection of mission covers to Germany bears many high values. Quick links: first page / second page / third page / fourth page
Article 395: Kenya Butterfly Definitives on cover I finally have the high value (the 40 shillings stamp) on cover. Here it is with a few other covers showcasing this beautiful series.
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