Article 38: Selected 1970s Israel Air Covers Here are a few 1970s commercial covers from Israel. The three covers are mailed to New York.
Article 55: Israel 1948 Doar Ivri First Issue Low Values I show here the low values of the first issue of Israel. Beside each of the six values, I show a CTO block of four. I also have a representative postal usage cover.
Article 181: Israel Celebration Commemoratives Here is a sheet of commemoratives celebrating Jewish Holidays.
Article 221: Israel Gates These stamps from Israel show ancient city gates. Quick links: sheet 1 / sheet 2
Article 244: Israel Stained Glass stamps These stain glass panels depict the twelve tribes of israel. Quick links: first page / second page
Article 262: Israel Architecture These stamps from Israel show examples of the architecture.
Article 378: Israel Insect Stamps These stamps are printed as a set with illustrated tabs (selvages).
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