Article 32: Bhutan 3D Butterflies Bhutan is one of the quintessential "only for collectors" stamp issuing countries. These 3-D (three-dimensional) stamps are beautiful, outrageous!
Article 44: Bhutan Space 3D Stamps Bhutan was a trailblazer in the design of stamps with pure collector appeal that were really not intended for normal postal use. I have been lucky to acquire a collector cover with this series. The images lead to thumb nails for each of the values: 5 CH / 15 CH / 20 CH / 25 CH / 45 CH / 50 CH / 1.75 NU
Article 66: Bhutan 3D Insects I show a page with the eight values from this issue. The 3D issues of Bhutan are the quintesential stamps for collectors. These stamps are at the opposite extreme of the high volume utilitarian definitive.
Article 191: Bhutan Flower Paintings Souvenir Sheets Continuing the great tradition of stamps purely for philatelists, Bhutan issued two souvenir sheets of flower paintings. Quick links: first sheet / second sheet
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