Article 42: Australia 1913 1d Kangaroo Red The Australia 1913 1d Kangaroo Red is the most affordable value in this series. Here I show some color shades, plate varieties, and postmarked specimens.
Article 108: Australia Kangaroo 3d Large Crown Watermark Several specimens of the Australia 3d Kangaroo with Large Crown watermark are shown here. A page shows large scans and back scans of the watermark, and another page shows several postmarks.
Article 156: Australia Aborigenes Paintings Here are two series of stamps depicting aboriginal paintings. The first series is illustrated here. Quick links: second series
Article 216: Australia Butterflies These are some of the most beautiful butterfly stamps ever issued. Quick links: the sheet in two formats / the individual stamps in more detail
Article 266: Australia Flower Definitives This is the first installment of stamps from this new series. Quick links: main page / 50c values / high values / 10 dollar souvenir sheet
Article 381: A selection of Western Australia swans This is one of the most beautiful designs of the 19th century. There are some major rarities in this series. Here are a few of the more common types.
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