Article 2: Postal History of the Argentina 1936 5 pesos Iguazu Falls I describe covers and pieces of the first printing of the 5 pesos Iguazu Falls, in usages from 1935 to 1944.
Article 43: Argentina 1877-78 Issues The rouletted Argentina stamps of 1877 and 1878 were in use well into the 1880s. Here are quick links to pages with large images of each of the four values: 8 centavos Rivadavia / 16 centavos Belgrano / 20 centavos Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield / 24 centavos San Martin ; to pages with high quality specimens of each of the four values: 8 centavos Rivadavia / 16 centavos Belgrano / 20 centavos Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield / 24 centavos San Martin ; to pages with some postmarks for three of the values: 8 centavos Rivadavia / 16 centavos Belgrano / 24 centavos San Martin ; and pages for the 24 centavos San Martin showing: plate varieties / banknote selvage / perforation varieties
Article 94: Argentina Insects Here is a great series of insect commemoratives. I show highlights of the singles, and scans of the sheetlets.
Article 129: Argentina Parks Issue of 2004 Here is a sheet with eight views of National Parks. Below are large images of each of the stamps, and in a separate page, an image of the entire sheet.
Article 146: Argentina 1923-35 10 centavos San Martin I show here several blocks of the 10 centavos. Below are three blocks of four in three shades, followed by highlights for color comparisons. Quick links: main page / several blocks of four / a block of ten / a block of fourteen ( main page / detailed images ) / a few plate varieties
Article 162: Argentina Modern Definitives This is the definitive series in use during the 2000s decade. Here I show the individual specimens, and on a separate page, I show the stamps in plate blocks. Quick links: main page / plate blocks
Article 213: Argentina Comics Sheets Here are two sheets showing popular children's comics from Argentina. Quick links: sheet 1 / sheet 2
Article 273: Argentina Selected High Value 19th Century Stamps This selection of 19th century stamps is aim to highlight the high quality of the engravings. Quick links: main page / 24c / 30c / 60c / 90c
Article 323: Argentina Tourism Views Here is a sheet of wide angle images of tourist views of Argentina, including some from national parks
Article 329: Argentina Science Stamps These stamps commemorate 50 years of COCINET, an effort dedicated to the advancement of science.
Article 347: Argentina Maps (Cartography) These stamps trace the evolution of Argentinean map making.
Article 373: Argentina Bicycle Stamps The format and design scheme of these semi-postal stamps is very appealing.
Article 389: Argentina Flower Definitives from the 1980s part of a Mercedes Benz dealer correspondence This correspondence is mostly from the period when the hyperinflation pesos issue overlaps with the new currency issue. Quick links: the stamps ( pesos / (a)rgentinean peso ) / covers ( pesos / (a)rgentinean peso / mixed ) / a color shifted variety
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