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Set Review: Dominaria

I hope you enjoy reading my notes for recent sets. I am a terrible Limited player. My focus is on Johnny fun deckbuilding. I am not a competitive player. It is very hard to review cards in a vacuum, and when I look back at my previous reviews, I have been laughably wrong about busted cards like Aetherworks Marvel (I stated it required too much setting up... what was I thinking?!). Enjoy!
Dominaria: Green
Adventorous Impulse: A new Mulch variant and I liek it a lot. Mulch (1G Sorcery Reveal the top four cards of your library. Put all land cards revealed this way into your hand and the rest into your graveyard.) It nets you one less card, yet it's more aggresive and you can also dig for creatures. Yeah, this is a great card in any format..
Ancient Animus: A Prey Upon variant that fits this set's legendary focus. It's an instant and that is the best use for this battle trick..
Arbor Armament: Solid batlle trick in Limited.
Baloth Gorger: Great card. It's already square as a vanilla critter. The Kicker bonus is great for a late game as a 6GG 7/7. .
Broken Bond: That's a really good card. Naturalize is an instant, and this one is a sorcery. You give up versatility, and you gain the ability of dropping an additional land. I think this is a worthy exchange. Yeah, this IS a really good card.
Corrosive Ooze: Way too situational to be anything other than a sideboard card. But, yeah, if you are facing a White/Red deck with a bunch of equipment, this is what you put in your main deck after game 1..
Elfhame Druid: This is another great card. It reeks versatiltiy. Kicker is one of the most popular abilities any Magic card could have..
Fungal Plots: This is our Saproling generator. It could be faster, generally better. You would have to feed your graveyard first, and then use all your extra mana for Saproings..
Gaea's Blessing: OK, Bob, you delivered here. This is a great reprint, and unlike any of the other cards Bob has put in here from previous core sets because he forgot to issue a core set for two and a half years, this card is actually stronger than your typical core set card..
Gaea's Protector: Reasonable in Limited.
Gift of Growth: Sweet battle trick, especially at 3G with Kicker. Both versions are great battle tricks..
Grow from the Ashes: It can be any basic land, and not just a Forest. This is a really good card, base and Kicker versions. It's a Rampant Growth with one more mana for the Kicker benefit..
Krosan Druid: Large life gain is great for very specific combos. Otherwise, it can only be an act of desperation and in Limited..
Llanowar Elves: Needs no introduction. Someone finally made Bob put a card in Standard that should always be in Standard. Lucky for us, Bob was also forced to put Naturalize in Rivals of Ixalan. The next time a mana dork leaves Standard will be my cue once again to take a break from playing Standard as I did during the last year or so.
Llanowar Envoy: A not-so-great mana dork for Limited.
Llanowar Scout: Getting to play an additional card is great. I am not sure which way is better: stapled on a creature, or as a sorcery. I do think there is a limit to how many of this type of card that will benefit a deck. I overdone, you will be able to drop an extra land and not have one in your hand, and that's a missed opportunity to play a better card..
Mammoth Spider: Meant for Limited.
Steel Leaf Champion: I love the devotion of this cycle. This one is the one that has impressed me the least. Its cool for it to be unblockable to smaller critters, but only just cool. The stats are great, though..
Nature's Spiral: Less inclusive than Treasured Find (BG Sorcery Return target card from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Treasured Find.), yet it is much easier to cast due to eased mana casting restriction. Card includes non-permanents like instants and sorceries.
Pierce the Sky: I will take Plummet over this card because in the same cost and also an instant, I can destroy any flyer.
Primordial Wurm: Solid vanilla creature.
Saproling Migration: Here is a second Saproling generator and I like it. two mana, two 1/1s; 6 mana, 4 1/1s. It works; I will take it..
Spore Swarm: Another Saproling token generator. I am up to three cards; I am happy.
Sporecrown Thallid: A Saproling and Funugus lord at uncommon? Are you kidding? This is so awesome..
Sylvan Awakening: In the style of Life of Life//Death <from Dragon's Maze> G Sorcery All lands you control become 1/1 creatures until end of turn. They're still lands.) or Ambush Commander (3GG Creature — Elf Forests you control are 1/1 green Elf creatures that are still lands. 1G, Sacrifice an Elf: Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.) from Scourge and then Duel Deck Elves. This is a really good rare. I would never call this a junk rare. It's even better than just 'all Forests' and all those lands have three awesome abilities. Wow!
Territorial Allosaurus: It's a reasonable card as a 2GG 5/5, and with Kicker, it's a 4GGG that can take out a small critter when it comes in. It's allright, but a little situational..
Thorn Elemental: If you can assign battle damage as if it wasn't blocked, you can assign the 7 hit to your opponent. That's a really versatile ability.
Untamed Kavu: Ahhh, the Kavu's. I was just looking through Kavus from Invasion block. Another great Kicker card. The base card is already pretty good. The Kicker card is a 4G 5/5.
Verdant Force: It comes a little too late for the token generation to be game-defining, yet I will take it.
Wild Onslaught: Great Overrun variant (2GGG Sorcery Creatures you control get +3/+3 and gain trample until end of turn.), although I would have been happier with Overrun.
Yavimaya Sapherd: It's a versatility thing. Do you need a 3/3 OR do you need a 2/2 and a 1/1? If you have a lord for Fungus and Saproling, it's a 4/4 OR a 3/3 and a 2/2. It depends, right? Well, either way, this is a solid card for the Thallid deck and another great additional to previous Thallids..
Hype opinion (and Dominaria needs one because da interwebs are all going crazy because this set is supposed to be the best Magic set ever issued): Base green is midrange in strength. I didn't catch anything super broken, yet this color does have all the elements for a super-fun Thallids Black/Green deck. I am biased for Green and my reviews of Green cards show it.


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