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Set Review: Dominaria

I hope you enjoy reading my notes for recent sets. I am a terrible Limited player. My focus is on Johnny fun deckbuilding. I am not a competitive player. It is very hard to review cards in a vacuum, and when I look back at my previous reviews, I have been laughably wrong about busted cards like Aetherworks Marvel (I stated it required too much setting up... what was I thinking?!). Enjoy!
Dominaria: Red
Bloodstone Goblin: A bear minus the ability is already a solid card. It fits Limited well, and it also fits deck with lots of Kicker in any format.
Champion of the Flame: This effect is traditionally found on White cards, mostly. This reads like a really good uncommon. Its a lighter cousin of Graceblade Artisan (2W Creature — Human Monk Graceblade Artisan gets +2/+2 for each Aura attached to it).
Fiery Intervention: Reasonable in Limited. The artifact part is made for this set.
Fight with Fire: A versatile battlecruiser spell, and I like it. Two mana is way better to hit for 3 in the early game. With Kicker, this card can be close to a board wipe and can even be a game ender. Still, it's a ton of mana, as a 7RR 'end the game' spell. It should be really good in Limited, though, as long as you can stall the game enough to be able to play it..
Fire Elemental: Only here because Bob forgot to issue a core set for two and a half years.
Ghitu Journeymage: I like this two color cycle thing. There are Knights in White and Black, and there are Wizards Journeymages in Blue and Red. Cool stuff. It's even better in multiplayer.
Firefist Adept: Takes out one of their dudes, but this can only help in Limited. It's too heavy as a 3/3 in any other format.
Fervent Strike: Limited battle trick.
Frenzied Rage: If only it had Flash. It should help in Limited.
Ghitu Chronicler: That's a really great Kicker bonus. It's a staller card as vanilla. The Kicker cost paid version is awesome, even if it;'s a 4RR. It's any instant or sorcery. I would get something to end the game. Its much more of a Limited 'end the game' card..
Ghitu Lavarunner: If only it had Flying, it would be a poor man's red Delver of Secrets. It's a solid common, even a great common. It's not common these days for good commons to be issued in Magic sets. The ten set 'mistake' or 'no core set' era has something like two or three really good commons. I hope this card is added to this very uncommon, even rare company..
Goblin Barrage: I like it a lot. It's a battlecruiser damage spell without Kicker. With Kicker, it's still only 3R plus only however much mana it took to play a low casting cost artifact or Goblin. The base card sucks. The Kicker version is really strong.
Goblin Chainwhirler: It has a little damage for every opponent, and that's great. It's a Goblin, and that's also great. This cycle is awesome. Any pack I crack with any of the CCC (Color=WUBRG) creatures is a good pack..
Keldon Raider: It's not a Wizard, and it's in Blue/Red where draw/discard is better played. It's almost square as a vanilla creature (4/4 for 4). It does seem like Limited is it's home..
Goblin Warchief: Titled like a lord. It should be allright in most formats. I would play a lord in it's place if I had one. If not (as in Standard/Limited/Brawl, this is pretty good to crank out more Goblins.
Haphazard Bombardment: Very cool junk rare. I love the chaos part. I want to play it just because every junk rare that does something unique deserves to be played.
Keldon Wanderer: Really strong card for Sagas. It starts as a bear, which is great. I did not see any Saga helper in White, Bule, or Black. I am glad Red is getting such a strong enabler for Sagas.
Orcish Vandal: I am sure there is a combo out there, either waiting for more cards, or ready to go. Untap it, tap it, sacrifice an artifact, hit for 2. Rinse, Repeat. I like it. You need an easy way to return artifacts to hand from the graveyard, and these artifacts need to cost 0 mana or 1 mana. You also need something to untap it at least once more per turn. 4 damage per turn times 5 is 20 life..
Radiating Lightning: Reads like a battlecruiser card. It comes in mid to late game, and most often damage 1 to each creature by this time should do little. .
Seismic Shift: Mid to late game land removal is a Limited thing. This is a core set card variant because Bob forgot to issue a core set for two and a half years. At least for this one, Bob didn't just include a core set card for this toolbox effect. .
Rampaging Cyclops: A square creature in Limited most of the time.It should be OK in Limited.
Run Amok: Solid battle trick in Limited, maybe even in other formats. Actually, yes, this is much more than a Limited card. Trample means some of the hit will likely be to your opponent. I like that a lot..
Shivan Fire: Solid early game spell. It's one less than Lightning Bolt, and that's reasonable. The Kicker cost is always a great bonus to take out something bigger later in the game. In a format without a simple Lightning Bolt or a simple Lightning Strike, this is a go-to card for many red decks..
Siege-Gang Commander: Bob forgot to issue a core set for two and a half years. In case you don't get the joke, this is an old core set card that is here because this set drops in a Standard format that does not have a core set because Bob did not issue one for it.
Skirk Prospector: I am sure there is a combo out these that this card can enable. You need to have 20 Goblin tokens on the board, and a spell that hits your opponent with XR, something like Devil's Play..
Warcry Phoenix: Really cool effect that is much easier to pull off in Commander than in Standard Constructed. Don't get me wrong, it's a really fun effect, but very rarely will you be attacking with three or more creatures, and if you are, you don't need another creature to win the game.
Skizzik: Aggressively costed. It's a glass cannon, and it's a great include in any aggro deck. The Kicker bonus is a bonus to keep it alive. This is a really cool, even strong card..
Two-Headed Giant: Now we need cards titled Limited, Standard, Commander, Legacy, Vintage, and Pauper. Just kidding. On average, half the time you will get one of the two effects. It's cool. Coin flipping is always a casual effect. The base card is already square and none of the fips are downsides. It's a cool junk rare..
Warlord's Fury: Nice Limited battle trick.
Wizard's Lightning: Lightning Bolt for Wizards is love at first sight.
Keldon Overseer: That's a really cool Kicker cost. The base card is OK, the Kicker version can be a 5RR 'end the game' Limited bomb..
Hype opinion (and Dominaria needs one because da interwebs are all going crazy because this set is supposed to be the best Magic set ever issued): Base red is midrange in strength. I didn't catch anything super broken, yet this color does have a Saga enabler. I see more of the Blue/Red Wizards deck, and possibly a White/Red enchant creature deck.


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