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Set Review: Dominaria

I hope you enjoy reading my notes for recent sets. I am a terrible Limited player. My focus is on Johnny fun deckbuilding. I am not a competitive player. It is very hard to review cards in a vacuum, and when I look back at my previous reviews, I have been laughably wrong about busted cards like Aetherworks Marvel (I stated it required too much setting up... what was I thinking?!). Enjoy!
Dominaria: Blue
Aacdemy Drake: A bear that costs one more mana because it flies, or a 6U flier 4/4. That's more like Limited costing.
Academy Journeymage: There is a red spell that prefers Wizards. It looks like Blue/Red is the Wizards color pair in Limited. It has a nice Unsummon stapled, and it can be a 3U 3/2 in a Wizard deck. It's a solid common.
Arcane Flight: Not bad as a limited trick. I would not use a card slot for this effect when I can do something else.
Artificer's Assistant: Blue/Artifacts is already "a thing," and that means that this is a much better card in Blue than in any other color. This is one of the best uncommons I have come across so far.
Befuddle: The 'draw a card' part is great. Solid in Limited.
Blink of an Eye: A nonland permanent can be a lot of possible threats. This card is a great trick any time and it gets better late game when your opponent is likely to cast somethin big. It's not as good as a spell counter, but it will do. The 'draw a card' Kicker bonus is great.
Cloudreader Sphinx: A reasonable card with the Scry bonus. I am not sure I would play it outside of Limited.
Cold-Water Snapper: A big critter for Limited. It does not fit into a specific tribe and it does not get bigger on it's own
Curator's Ward: The hexproof part is not that important, but the 'draw two cards' part sure is. I like the conundrum: if you make it Hexproof, you could be reducing the ways in which it could be removed in many, many ways. You need to enchant a Saga with this, since it is guaranteed to remove itself when it passes step III. Yeah, this is for Sagas, and I love it. This card is a four-of in constructed in a Saga-heavy deck playing Blue or even splashing Blue. I really love this card! This is my favorite card so far.
Deep Freeze: A very passive-aggressive way to neutralize a creature, typical of Blue. I am not sure I would use it outside of Limited.
Diligent Excavator: There better be more cards in this set that can mill, because this card can mill a lot, but only if it is helped by other cards. Two cards milled per turn is not worth doing, five or more definitely is.
Merfolk Trickster: I love that it is a Merfolk because this tribe has a lot of support in the Standard format it is joining. In Blue/Black or Blue/Red, I could have target removal to take it whatever just lost it's abilities.
Divination: Bob forgot to issue a core set for two and a half years and Bob apparetly is not accountable to anyone. I love the new artwork.
Homarid Explorer: OK, we have a second card that can make a big dent in a milling deck. Love at first sight, even if any card named Homarid something usually is the kiss of death for said card.
Opt: I am really glad to see this card in any set.
Prcognition Field: Now we are talking. I think this is a really strong card, even if it comes a little late in the game. You can even exile a land clogging the top of your library for three. I love this card.
Relic Runner: Conditional unblockable is a lot better than blockable. I want to combo with this card. Now I just need to find my other combo pieces.
Rescue: Ditto as before. It reads like a sucky card by itself, but I am sure there is at least one combo in this set, in this Standard, in all of Magic, that this card enables, and that makes me like it instantly..
Sage of Lat-Nam: "Draw a card:" OK, you have my attention. Given that we have ways to fish out artifacts from the graveyard in White, it looks like this card is made for a White/Blue deck. It reads like a really good card. It can combo to yield card advantage and other cards can get you the artifact back to your hand. I would want to sacrifice a zero casting cost artifact... I think there is at least one of those in Standard, and it's in this set, even if it will be a super expensive card..
Sentinel of the Pearl Trident: It comes in a little too late to be game-defining, yet it has a really cool effect. Now I have to come up with a historic spell that has a really awesome ETB (Enters the Battlefield) ability..
Syncoipate: Nice inclusion. It's versatile, allright. I played it a lot when it as in RTR standard.
Tempest Djinn: Monoblue Devotion... that's so awesome. I want to play it bad.
Tolarian Scholar: Limited vanllla filler.
Unwind: Bob, you forgot to include a core set for two and a half years!
Vodalian Arcanist: A mana dork in Blue, that's great. There is an instant and sorceries deck that is enabled by this card.
Wizard's Retort: Wow, Counterspell for Wizard tribal. This is sweet..
Weight of Memory: Mill or self-mill enabler. A little heavy, maybe meant just for Limited. Drawing three cards is good in all formats, though..
Hype opinion (and Dominaria needs one because da interwebs are all going crazy because this set is supposed to be the best Magic set ever issued): Base blue is really good in this set. It has the seeds for a cool Merfolk deck, a really strong Wizard deck, and maybe even a mill deck.


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