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Magic the Gathering Deckbuilding: Four Player Commander

I have already had a lot of fun setting up the framework for this challenge. It is a little (or, maybe, very) confusing to follow because I have changed course a few times, gone back and restarted once, and had plans that I did not follow through. This is one of my most experimental challenges.
I orifinally had the setup described below, but it has since changed to Commander format all the way.
I began with selections of 14 packs for each player, but those builds proved too tight. The selection that has worked has 18 packs. I am calling it selection 1 because I have already begun work on a second selection.
The game setup has two days, with three games each. Players are given a pre-selected Commander. The commander for each player is laid out left to right for players 1 to 4.
I am currently working my way through the first day of games with selection 1. Long term, this is where I want to go.


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