Article 126: United States Design Series Definitives, Panes Part 1

Below is the 2c Navajo Jewelry stamp from plates V11111, P11111 (Ashton-Potter), and S111111 (Sennett, notice an additional plate was used). The Ashton-Potter and Sennett printings were introduced during the 39c rate increase from 37 cents, and are dated 2006, while the original issue is dated 2004.Quick links: main page / 2c Navajo Jewelry / 4c Chippendale Chair / 5c American Toleware / 10c American Clock
The new printing from 2007 has slightly different colors
Top image is from the early printing, bottom from the 2007 panes. The differences have to do with shifts of the verious plates.
Here are two more scans from the 2007 panes dated 2004.
The Ashton-Potter printing has microprinting that reads USPS
The 2007 Sennett printing has microprinting that reads USPS
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