Article 14: Plate Varieties of the Brazil 1891 100 Reis

Some Brazil 1899 100 Reiss were printed with worn-out plates. I show here several plate varieties. Below is a detail from a clean plate printing. There is a gap in the lower inner blue design for the specimen shown below, under the neck of the figure, and a bend in the upper blue inner design. Here are the quick links for the article, for some of the color varieties, some of the plate varieties as well as examples of under-inking and smudging.
For the specimen illustrated below, the red lines are broken below the E and to the left of the bottom right corner.
The left outermost andleft outer lines show bending and gaps for the specimen illustrated below. The two left corner blocks are smudged.
For the specimen illustrated below, the vertical red lines are broken to the right of both corner boxes shown. The right outermost lines show bending. The lower right corner block is smudged.
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