Article 10: Germany Women Definitives: The First Issue High Values

The fall of the Berlin Wall directly affected the Germany Women and Sites Definitives. The German postal system went from West Germany and Berlin, to transition use of East German postmarks, and then from 4 to 5 digit postal codes for unified Germany. The fortunante low usage of postal meters results in some great high value usages. I came across a large correspondence of this issue in 1993, and I was amazed by the range of values, and the high printing quality. Since, I have added to this group of covers from kiloware and additional correspondences.

This article includes detailed discussions of the Hensel 3.00 Marks value on piece. The 3.00 Marks Hensel is one of the more common values in this series. I show in its dedicated page several large multiples used on piece. This articles also includes a detailed look at the other high values on piece: the 4.50 Marks, the 5.00 Marks, and a combined page for the 2.50 Marks, 3.50 Marks, and 4.00 Marks. These high values received varying degrees of use, about which more information is found in these dedicated pages.

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