Definitive Kiloware: United States from the late 1970s and early 1980s

Below are links to five clippings in this kiloware selection with the 13c Americana value. Quick links here are for the kiloware section, the main page for this group of kiloware, and the pages for these two stamps-the 20c George Marshall stamp, or the 25c Frederick Douglass stamp, and the two I have previously shown- 1c Thomas Jefferson, 13c Americana, for which I may add other clippings in the future. Below each image are links to pages with clippings.
Clipping 1-001: Single $1 Eugene O'Neill, vertical pair and two singles of the 13c Americana, and single 11c Americana. Pittsburgh, PA roller from 1976.
Clipping 1-005: A total of twelve specimens of the 13c Americana, with an edge strip of four with yelloe plate number, a horizontal pair with red plate number, a strip of four, and a horizontal pair from the left lower corner of the sheet. "US POSTAL SERVIC, PA 186" roller dated April 22, 1976.
Clipping 1-032: Vertical pair and single of the 13c Americana and vertical strip of five of the 50c Lucy Stone. Faint "PHILADELPHIA, PA" canceller and "FIRST CLASS MAIL' marking.
Clipping 1-033: Vertical block of six of the 13c Americana and torn $1 Eugene ONeill. Faint "PITTSBURGH, PA" roller dated April 2 with unreadable year.
Clipping 1-036: Single 13c Americana with horizontal pair of the 20c George Marshall value, and a block of four of the 1c Thomas Jefferson with tears to two of the stamps. Bold "LANGHORN, PA" canceller dated March 12, 197?, with unreadable year.
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