The "cents" Covers

Here are links to covers showing a cross-section of usages for the "cents" values (these are the values from the 1/2 Centavo to the 12 Centavo, with the exception of the three very common values in this range-the 5c Moreno, and the 10c Red and Brown Rivadavia). I divide these covers into three major groups: philatelic exhibition covers, covers that are quite likely philatelic, and covers that seem to represent regular use.
There are some philatelic exhibitions for the Argentina 1935-51 issue that have blessed us with what effectively are not only the only first day covers of the issue, but also give us a great usage snapshot to help us describe this very complicated series.
There are some philatelic covers for the Argentina 1935-51 issue. These covers are usually the only ones to feature stamps that received almost no regular usage, such as the 2 1/2 centavo value.
There are also "cents" covers that may not be philatelic. These covers may represent genuine postal usage, although in most cases we will never know.
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