Argentina 1935-51 Definitives 20 Pesos 1L (Late) Issue

The Argentina 1935-51 20 Pesos is one of the great high value definitives of the 20th century. The early printings are extremely rare on cover, and the later printings were in use when the stamp was still a mid-range high value.
Because this stamp was printed in small quantities, the plate shows noticeable wear only for the latest 20P1L printing. However, I do find a few minor plate varieties. The stamp below is a 20PNGR. It has a small break in the outer left design.
The right stamp in this 20P1L pair has a small left outer line break.
Below are three 20P1L specimens with plate varieties.
This 20P1L stamp has two left corner diagonal outer scratches. Although this plate variety is similar to the previous plate variety, these are not exactly the same position on the plate.
The lower left stamp in this 20PNOP block of four has a very noticeable ink bleed.
Below are five 20PNOP specimens with plate varieties
The stamp shown below demonstrates that the plate showed considerable wear by the time the 20PNOP was printed (during the mid 1950s)
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