Argentina 1935-51 10 Pesos Plate Varieties

Because this stamp was printed in small quantities, the plate does not show noticeable wear. However, there is one major plate variety, and several minor ones.
The major 10 Pesos plate variety is shown below. The inner design has wedged in lines in the lower right corner.
Below are two minor plate varieties, and I show details for each below. These may not be permanent varieties. Both stamps have lower line design brakes.
The background lines show small breaks, probably due to dirt particles on the plate. Yet again, this may not be a permanent plate variety.
Below is a block of four with small plate breaks. The upper right stamp has three small dots in the background.
A detail of the upper left stamp is shown below left, compared to the upper right stamp below right.
The lower right stamp shows a small scratch next to one of the grapes (towards the center of the image below left), and a small dot top right in the inner design.
The lower left stamp shows a small plate scratch outside the top left edge of the design.
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