Publications: Issue Study 001; The 1PL Value

I show here several specimens that are an uncatalogued variety. The 1 peso map with boundaries, the 1pL, was printed in the first paper and the first watermark. The paper is cream in color. The gum is yellowish. The watermark is grainy and with a medium RA in circle, and all features of the watermark are clear. The watermark shows up sideways in both directions (reading downwards or upwards). Quick links: main publications page / issues studies ( 001: 1pL / a new plate variety / flash slide shows (thanks to Picasa/Google!)
There is a second type of this plate variety, shown below. It has an additional line break. It is possible that the common feature of these two varieties come from a single master die, and there are at least two of these impressions on the plate.
I have a total of 14 specimens with this plate variety. Here are clips from the remaining specimens.
Below is a selection of covers with this plate variety. The second covers below has two of this plate variety.
Below are some of the stamps from these covers.
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