Argentina 1935-51 Definitives 20 Pesos CL (Clay) Issue

The Argentina 1935-51 20 Pesos is one of the great high value definitives of the 20th century. The early printings are extremely rare on cover, and the later printings were in use when the stamp was still a mid-range high value.
The 20 Pesos printed on clay is one of the rarest Comunes printings. To ease your ability to identify this stamp, I include scans through and from the back of the stamp.
The scan below left is from the back of the stamp. It shows how the watermark curls the paper. This paper is very thin and has a plastic feel to the touch. The image below right is a through scan. Notice that it is almost impossible to tell that this stamp has a watermark when holding it against a bright light. The best way to type this stamp is to feel the paper, and to hold it at an oblique angle from the back to see the ripples from the watermark.
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