The 5 centavos Mariano Moreno

Here is a selection of blocks of four and six of the three prinitings with various postmarks. Quick links: design / issues summary / 1E / 1Et / 1CLt / selected postmarks / a second batch of postmarks / a third batch of postmarks
1E postmarked at Laboulaye
1E postmarked with Ambulante No. 92 postmark.
1E postmarked at Darregueira
1E postmarked at Bahia Blanca
1E postmarked at Mercedes B.A.
1E postmarked at Rio Cuarto
1Et postmarked at Chepes, L.R.
1Et postmarked with Ambulante No. 39 postmark.
1Et postmarked at Santa Rosa
1CLt postmarked at Guerrico, B.A.
1CLt postmarked with Buenos Aires 11 postmark.
1CLt postmarked with Buenos Aires Agencia 33 postmark.
1CLt postmarked with Buenos Aires C.G.3 postmark.
1CLt postmarked at Copetonas, B.A.
1CLt postmarked at Juan Jose Paso, B.A.
1CLt postmarked at San Roque, Crr.
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