Argentina 1935-51 50cCL

The 50cCL can best be typed by feeling the paper: it is very pliable and plastic to the touch. There are thin and not so thin versions of the paper. Quick links: the issues ( 1E / NGR / NOP / 2 / CL / late issues ( 1L1 / 1L2 / 1L3 / 1L4 / 1L5 ) ) plate varieties: major flaws near the 50 numerals / break at top of V of CENTAVOS / dot after R of MAR / doubled or smudged inner design / major lower edge design shifts / upper edge major inner design breaks / upper left outer corner break / lower outer line breaks
Below are specimens from the thick paper printing, which have a dull red outer color.
The postmarked stamps are from 1952.
The pair below is from the thin paper printing. This paper shows the watermark to the touch and when viewed from an angle, but the back scan fails to show the watermark.
The thicker version of the 50c1L is shown below. In a back scan, the watermark is visible.
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