Issues of the 20c "Large Cow" (20cLC) Value

This stamp is one of the 1935-51 definitives. There are other 20 centavos issues in this series: the 20c small format cattle definitive, and the 20c Guemes definitive. This stamp saw most of its use during World War II. There are three separate pages associated with the 20cLC issues: one dedicated to plate varieties and printing shifts between the two plates used. Below is the first 20cLC issued, the 20cLC1E, on watermarked cream paper with the first watermark. Quick links for this issues are: main page / 20cLC1E / 20cLCNGR / 20cLC2
Below is the second 20cLC issued, the 20cLCNGR, on unwatermarked gray paper with a grid pattern.
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