Argentina San Martin Definitives of 1923-35

Here is the 20 Pesos value, highest of the series. Quick links: watermarks / with period issues / typographed / 1/2c / 1c / 2c / 3c / 4c / 5c / 10c / 12c / 20c / 24c / 25c / 30c / 50c / 1P / 5P / 10P / 20P / postal history pages
Below is an image from the first issue, with honey comb watermark. I show a detail of the upper left corner showing a blue dot that is at the tip of the burgundy center.
Below I show some specimens with the INUTILIZADO hole puncher.
Below is a specimen from the second printing, with RA (Republica Argentina) sun and rays watermark.
Below are high resolution details of the 20 pesos shown immediately above.
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